I'm Humphrey Hills; a Toronto based freelance web developer and programmer. I help clients bring their ideas into reality. I use the most modern tools and best practices to craft clean, responsive, and user-friendly websites and web apps. My current weapons of choice are WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, jQuery, JavaScript, and Service Workers.

Coming from an IT/Network technician background I understand the full stack from the request to the response, hardware to the software. I work diligently to keep my skills relevant in order to provide my clients with the best possible solution(s). Contact me today I would love to hear about your business.


Good at:

WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, MQL4

Getting better at:

AngularJS 2, C++, Python for finance, Machine Learning (Tensor Flow), Node JS

Working on it:

Java, php, Logical reasoning, Elucidate algorithms

What I Do

Web Development

WordPress, Coding, layout, design, launch & support


Competitor analysis. Prepare and execute an actionable plan

Web Coding

Design, repair, modify, update code using best practices

Web Applications

Custom programming & business automation

Cloud Services

Reduce cost by moving your infastructure to the cloud.


Let’s find out how technology can best help you

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

--Steve Jobs

My Personal project!


BASIC Hello World responsive screens

To be an excellent coder, joy, fun and knowledge.

I was introduced to coding in the seventh grade where I was taught B.A.S.I.C and learned how to display “Hello World” on the screen. Also how to manipulate the string in different ways. I thought this was the coolest thing ever.

Coding for me is a joy. Learning new techniques and playing around with code has helped me in many of my job roles. Getting deeper into the science of computers has also increased my problem solving and analytical abilities.

Web Developer responsive screens

As a Web Developer I have to know and use:

  • WordPress
  • html
  • css
  • php
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
angularjs by Google

I have started teaching myself AngularJS 2 because I love the performance and the power it gives developers. It also comes with a lot of predefined modules, which gives developers more time to concentrate on functionality and less time coding.

Basic print statement

I am currently learning and practicing quite a few languages. I know it would be a monumental task to learn all the intricacies of so many languages and to become proficient in multiple disciplines. However, I continue to study multiple languages not for the syntax alone… also to learn some of the different coding techniques that are used to answer different questions. And to find out what makes one language better than another at answering specific questions. Plus its fun; most of the time.

Technical Analysis responsive screens

As a part-time technical trader I found myself sitting in front of the pc waiting for trade setups, or leaving my desk only to return to missed opportunities. There had to be a better way, once again coding to the rescue.

I started learning mql4 in order to learn how to code my trade setups. Getting deeper into the mql4 language I learned that it is very similar to C++. So I started studying C++ as well, this is a great language; I would love to find a reason to use this language in a real-world application.

Animated robot walker

I am currently continuing to build my mql4 robot that sends alerts, signals and custom messages when predefined sets are met.Trying to get past v1.0 :).

I am also studying machine learning with Google’s Tensor Flow and python. In order to practice and develop my skills with these tools I am using them to develop a Market Environment Analyzer. I am currently working on my training data and training targets (expected outcome); stay tuned.



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I'm Humphrey Hills, a Toronto based freelance web developer and programmer. I use only the most modern coding design technigues to fashion clean, responsive, and user-friendly websites.